OCD works for me

Pretty soon I’m going to start selling my book – I’m Crazy – again to help raise money for Moon Devils.  For those in the know I’m Crazy was an autobiographical graphic novel about having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I’ve also been working on this little number above, which is a neat crossover between my art and my anxiety disorder.

OCD manifests itself as extreme anxiety over things you can not possibly control, followed by repetitive behaviors and practices that calm the anxiety.  For instance, some people with OCD wash their hands several times a day, or become obsessed with organizing and straightening their things.  As for me, I make a lot of lists and spreadsheets, which is actually sometimes very useful.

What you see above is the product of a particular rigorous spreadsheet challenge.  First I made a list of notable Marvel mutants, then I created a spreadsheet organizing them by color scheme.  Eventually this will become a huge poster organizing 100 marvel mutants, placing each mutant at the vertex of two colors.

I figure if you are going to have an anxiety disorder you should try and be productive about it.