Meet the Scientist

There is always some surly malcontent fixing everybody’s tools, or waving a thing around a device around talking about time fluxes or dimensional portals. This character is The Scientist.

In order for the game to work visually I had to keep the characters as streamlined as possible, so I tried to limit the amount of gadgets and tools they used. The Scientist presented a problem as his sweet jumpsuit prevented him from having any tools visible on his person. The solution was his extra bulky glasses and gloves. Thanks to futuristic technology he can use the gloves to scan his surroundings and record his findings.

I had this breakthrough on a beach and was enthusiastically sketching the gloves when a handsome man sat down beside me. He asked me if I found the beach sights “inspiring” and I said “no, not really, but I did figure out something cool about this guy’s gloves ..” After listening for a few minutes he nodded politely and walked over to the next towel. It was only then that it struck me that he might be into me.

Oh well, another potential romance ruined by science fiction. Here he is being eaten by the moon devils.