Meet the Priestess

When the game was first being developed there was no code or visuals, just me. I would visit people with a bottle of wine and a notebook, then talk them through their entire adventure, recording their stats and choices as I went. I always had the hardest time describing the Priestess – “um, she has really big hair, she’s kind of exotic looking, she maybe has psychic powers ..” One astute nerd immediately cut me off and said “oh, she’s like Deana Troi.” Then he wrinkled his nose and said “she sounds useless.”

Well she’s not I tell you. In the game the Priestess unlocks vital health bonuses, unravels the secret of the temple and offers a unique perspective on the world of the game. Also, though there are ways to have sex with all your crew mates, her sex scene is probably the most pleasing in the conventional sense.