I’m Crazy

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I’m Crazy was my first graphic novel.  It was originally published back in 2009.  It’s an autobiographical account of my struggle with OCD and everything that it’s come to mean for me.  In 2010, I won one of Peter Laird’s Xeric grants to fund a larger printing.

Here’s some nice things people have had to say …

“Mental illness is by definition an isolating disease, and a book like this is worth an army of jackhammers to tear down the walls that are so quickly and cooperatively constructed by the patient and the society that cannot bear to look in the eye any person brave enough to say “I’m crazy!” – The Comics Journal

“I’ve never seen a cartoonist do a better job of conveying something I had assumed was fundamentally incommunicable.” – Sequential Tart

“Bourret’s attention to detail in his drawings enhances his ability to illustrate the intricacy of the phenomena he is dealing with. This way, he enables us to clearly discern a look, a glance, or a facial expression that convey the complexity of emotions that would otherwise escape a purely linguistic representation.” – Metapsychology