How the game works

I’m about half way through the prototype of the game.  It will hopefully be ready by the end of the month for my testing group.  I’m excited because I’ve never produced such a complicated block of code before.  Career wise I am more of a designer than a programmer, so I’ve entered an exciting honeymoon stage where I program something, then I’m completely blown away when it works.

This seems as good a time as any to explain how the game works, now that I’ve almost got it working for real.

You play as the Lieutenant, the leader of a small shuttle crew.  At the beginning of the game you and your crew-mates The Priestess, The Martian, The Scientist and The Droid, are stranded on an uncharted moon.  After five days of adventure, you and your crew will attempt to blast off and escape.  Hopefully you’ll make it out with everyone on board, but most likely you won’t be so lucky.

There are many dangers on the moon, most visibly the hordes and hordes of mute fanged devils that are constantly trying to kill you.  If your health score runs low, attacks by the devils and other dangers might conceivably kill you.  You can defend yourself and keep yourself safe using equipment like your blaster, scanner and defibrillator, but be careful, you also have an energy score that can become depleted if you do too much.

During the day you may accompany your crew men on adventures, or strike out on your own.  While in the field you and your crew are in constant danger of attack.  When you return to your  shuttle at night, you’ll experience an en masse devil attacks.  Tending to your safety and security scores will help slow these attacks.

In the midst of all this violence and hopelessness, there are stories.  As you explore this strange new world, you’ll follow strains of interconnected stories.  The story is too big to be encompassed in one play through, but every time you play you’ll learn more about the moon, its mysterious workings and maybe the destiny of the human race.

I hope you’re as excited to play this as I am!