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Faces of MARS

With the prototype finished I’ve begun the process of finishing all the imagery for the game.  This involves drawing the characters over and over again.  The above picture is from a series of panels that appear when you contact the Martian throughout the day.

After working on black and white comics for years I’m afraid I’m going a bit bezerk with the colour, but I think it works.  This kind of flat, bright colour scheme reminds me of a happy memory from my childhood.  I was staying at my Aunt’s cottage on Fox Lake (in Northern Ontario).  We got in too late to actually see the inside of the cottage, so we went to bed in complete darkness.

When I awoke the next day I discovered my bed was facing an amazing Star Wars vintage bath towel.  Thanks to artistic license (or maybe limitations on how many colours were available for bath towel ink or whatever), everyone was insanely crayola coloured.  Luke’s bare chest was bright orange, Chewbacca was a rich purple and Darth Vader was electric blue.  I thought holy shit, who are these people?  I didn’t actually see Star Wars until I was a teenager and I thought it was great, but nothing compared to that toxic disco freakout promised by that towel.


Gross Trees

Here’s some imagery from the forest you’ll encounter in March of the Moon Devils.  The forest is one of four areas you can explore in the game.  I wanted to create a kind of anti-forest here.  Instead of producing growth, the trees of this forest produce some kind of topiary of sludge, which one can only assume is toxic.