About the Game

March of the Moon Devils is a choose your own adventure game being developed for mobile.  You have crash landed on a strange and hostile moon.  Your management of resources, time, and your crew is crucial to your survival and ultimately your escape.  Sounds simple, right?  Be careful, there’s more to this moon than meets the eye.


You are The Lieutenant. You’re a highly decorated officer in humanity’s intergalactic military, long at war with the hated Zolian invaders. Your can-do attitude and aggressive “kill all enemies” stance made you a star, but your reputation is tarnished after a tragic mistake. Maybe by getting your crew back alive, you can cleanse yourself of the stink of failure.


The Priestess may have some clues as to what brought you to this mysterious place. Dare you follow her into a long abandoned temple of dangers and maybe evil spirits? Or dare you explain at last how you really feel about her, in terms of how she makes you feel like a man and also her pouty lips and tremendous hair?


With her sharp claws and hunter’s instincts, The Martian seems perfectly at home in the dense, goopy forests that surround your shelter. You even get the distinct impression she’s enjoying herself. What the hell’s up with that?


You know what you don’t want to think about? The hundreds of ruined space craft lying around everywhere, their crew members obviously long dead. Still, it’s a peculiar fascination for The Scientist. Do the remains of these lost ships contain the secret to your salvation? Who cares, you hate this guy.


Finding life on other planets is always a thrill, except in the case of the moon devils, who are relentlessly trying to kill you. You’d lie awake at nights listening for their unearthy shrieks, but fortunately, this game has no audio component.