Monthly Archives: January 2014

You Have Entered Hell

It’s taken some time, but the prototype for March of the Moon Devils is complete. This means that the game works, but has no content yet. It’s just a collection of brief descriptions of the events in the game, and the choose your own adventure mechanics that powers it.

In this form it reminds me a lot of of one of the first computer games I ever played on my Commodore 64. Who even knows what this game was called, but basically it would offer you a really florid paragraph about where you were and what was going on, and you would either press A to go right and B to go left.

I played this for several hours, piecing it together that the blocks of text represented a virtual map. Press A – You have entered The Library. Press B – You have entered the cellar. Except one unfortunate B keystroke yielded this ..


Followed by a multi-paragraph description of the torments of hell, a subject which I was completely unfamiliar. Just by pressing B I learned that after people die there’s a good chance they will face eternal agony in an endless underworld.

And somehow the fact it was just white text on a blue background made it even scarier. There wasn’t even a picture to give it context, just a bleak message from an unknown source, confirming the existence of something so beyond my mortal ken I didn’t even know I was suppose to fear it.

Anyway there will definitely by pictures in Moon Devils, but it’s also mostly picking from a selection of risky choices. With any luck the game will reach some innocent ten year old and traumatized them. Here’s hoping.